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Blind Chaos (2009)

Has been described as sounding like Satan's Orchestra tuning up...

blind chaos 2010 (2010)

a blind experiment in chaos. revisited.

blind chaos number six your time is up (2014)

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Blind Chaos


Blind Chaos was formed on the RPM discussion forum boards. Members sign up, each record a 35 minute improvisation on the instrument or instruments of their choice, and upload their piece to a common server. Someone graciously collects them, puts them all in one place, presses play, and records the result to a cd for your listening pleasure.

Uncle Tompa - Ipad; Samplr, Thor, Nave
jazzsequence - time dilation
daedae - more droney baritone instruments
Wilsun - guitars, effects, noise, keyboard
Tone the Destroyer - bass, voice, beer, mixmasher

jazzsequence - pads and synths, Audiocube & effects
Ronny Wśrnes - synths
Tone the Destroyer - bass, synthesizer, drumset, violin
Pugilistas - wavedrum & ewi fortune cookie
daedae - baritone soundscape

jazzsequence - Audiocube & effects
Tone the Destroyer and the Destroyettes - Kazoos
Uncle Tompa - Coron Percussion Synth
Synaptic Distrubance - Guitar and mixing

jazzsequence - bass, mix mangler
daedae - spacey, acoustic guitar
Jahn - Electric Guitar Analog Effects
Commoner - Found and common percussion
jesmiaus - flpitchervocals
Uncle Tompa - Percussion and Ambient Synth
Ronny Wśrnes - contact mic feedback
Kevyspice - drums
The Chaos Council - MicroMoog plus effects
ScottL - delay guitar

Minibar Madness: sound effects & noise
Commoner: Amplifier worship, pedals, electrical guitar
The Chaos Council: MicroMoog , alto sax, effects
Tone the Destroyer: violin & pedals
Pugilistas: Synth percussion
mixed and produced by jazzs3quence

David Marcouillier: bull fiddle
Frederick E. Slidepole and the Bugs Who Took Over The World: guitars, voices, fritinancy
Captains of Industry - Ebow
Tone the Destroyer: bass, feedback
Commoner: voice, microphone feedback, pedal noise
Pugilistas: WX11 Midi-horn, various synths. EmergencyMixMaestro


Avant Garde,Experimental,

Completed Albums

Blind Chaos(2009)

Has been described as sounding like Satan's Orchestra tuning up...

Chaos (the blind leading the blind)   (preferred)   Download

blind chaos 2010(2010)

a blind experiment in chaos. revisited.

blind chaos   (preferred)   Download

blind chaos number six your time is up(2014)

2014   Download